Paphos, Tremithousa

Tremithousa is a lovely traditional Cypriot village situated only four kilometers up the hill from Pano Paphos approximately 270m above sea level making it ideal location for purchasing property for the cooler climate during the summer months. Being situated in an elevated position most properties within the village command excellent sea views. The name ‘Tremithousa’ gets its name from the Terebinth tree which grows in this area, this tree is famous for the resin being used to make Paphian Chewing Gum called Pafitiki Pissa). The village is also famous for citrus orchards, vegetable crops, honey and walnut and almond groves. Within the village is a local bank, small shops and a bar/restaurant although an abundance of churches!! The newest of the churches being baptized in 2004 and named St George. Previously the church dedicated to Saints Riginos & Orestis functioned as the main church of the village. Being minutes away from the main Paphos to Polis road you can find supermarkets, shops, bakeries, take-aways and a variety of shops. In the other direction you can reach Tala which has a traditional village square with tavernas and bars for entertainment, a bank, shop, the famous St Neophytos Monastery named after Neophytos the Recluse (1134–1214) who was a Cypriot Orthodox monk, priest and sometime hermit whose writings preserved history of the early crusades. A new addition to Tala the village is an amphitheatre at the top of the hill which has amazing views and the local community council hold wonderful events such as bands, plays and concerts. 

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