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Property Sales in Paphos Cyprus

Welcome to one of the leading licensed real estate agents in Paphos. We know that your home, villa or apartment is a valuable posession. We also understand that whether you buy a property in Paphos, Sell or Rent your property in Cyprus, you want a smooth, stress free experience. If you are looking for property in Cyprus we have the product for you. We have over 1000 resale properties with Title Deeds available, from luxury developments like Limnaria Gardens to golf properties in Aphrodite Hills. We have an exceptional portfolio of property for sale or rent, having sought out some of the best value homes abroad on the market.

Make the most of your investment with much of the property in Cyprus now at record low prices, as much as 60-70% of normal market value.

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Recently Listed Properties for Sale in Paphosview all
Land  For Sale in Kissonerga Ref.SL12648 Land
Kissonerga,Paphos For Sale€400,000
Land  For Sale in Kissonerga Ref.SL12647 Land
Kissonerga,Paphos For Sale€450,000
Land  For Sale in Kissonerga Ref.SL12645 Land
Kissonerga,Paphos For Sale€3,000,000
Land  For Sale in Kissonerga Ref.SL12644 Land
Kissonerga,Paphos For Sale€80,000
Land  For Sale in Kissonerga Ref.SL12643 Land
Kissonerga,Paphos For Sale€100,000
Apartment-Flat Townhouse  For Sale in Tombs of the Kings Ref.SL12618 3 Bedroom Apartment-Flat Townhouse
Tombs of the Kings,Paphos For Sale€350,000
Villa-House  For Sale in Tremithousa Ref.SL12617 4 Bedroom Villa-House
Tremithousa,Paphos For Sale€280,000
Villa-House Bungalow  For Sale in Peyia Ref.SL12614 3 Bedroom Villa-House Bungalow
Peyia,Paphos For Sale€270,000
Villa-House  SOLD in Coral Bay Ref.SL12298 3 Bedroom Villa-House
Coral Bay,Paphos SOLD€275,000
Apartment-Flat  SOLD in Kissonerga Ref.SL12252 3 Bedroom Apartment-Flat
Kissonerga,Paphos SOLD€130,000
Villa-House  SOLD in Kissonerga Ref.SL11849 4 Bedroom Villa-House
Kissonerga,Paphos SOLD€650,000
Villa-House Bungalow  SOLD in Kamares Ref.SL11803 3 Bedroom Villa-House Bungalow
Kamares,Paphos SOLD€350,000

West Coast - Holiday and Long Term Rentals

West Coast Property rentals now has an established and busy long term property rentals office located in Kato Paphos close to the historic Paphos harbour. We are always seeking to expand the long term property rental database so if you are looking to rent your property in Cyprus, or you are looking to rent somewhere for yourselves please contact us. From good value apartments to luxury beach front villas in Paphos. Looking for property to rent in Cyprus? Look no further.

Allow us to unlock extra value in your property with a comprehensive and professional property rentals company, offering a full and secure property management package to ensure your property in Cyprus gives you the best return on your investment. 

Recently Listed Long Term Rentals in Paphosview all
Townhouse  For Rent in Chloraka Ref.SL12654 1 Bedroom Townhouse
Chloraka,Paphos For Rent€350 per Month
Apartment-Flat  For Rent in Mesoyi Ref.SL12591-AC 1 Bedroom Apartment-Flat
Mesoyi,Paphos For Rent€280 per Month
Apartment-Flat  For Rent in Mesoyi Ref.SL12590-AC 1 Bedroom Apartment-Flat
Mesoyi,Paphos For Rent€280 per Month
Villa-House  For Rent in Peyia Ref.SL12484-AC 3 Bedroom Villa-House
Peyia,Paphos For Rent€600 per Month
Villa-House  For Rent in Tala Ref.SL12456 3 Bedroom Villa-House
Tala,Paphos For Rent€600 per Month
Apartment-Flat  For Rent in Tala Ref.SL12401-AC 2 Bedroom Apartment-Flat
Tala,Paphos For Rent€375 per Month
Apartment-Flat  For Rent in Chloraka Ref.SL12399-AC 1 Bedroom Apartment-Flat
Chloraka,Paphos For Rent€320 per Month
Villa-House  For Rent in Chloraka Ref.SL12397-AC 3 Bedroom Villa-House
Chloraka,Paphos For Rent€650 per Month